Email Marketing

Effectively communicating with your business networks and clients is key to sustained success. But for further growth and expansion, you need to reach out to new, potential customers at all times to generate more traffic and get word of your brand out to a wider audience.

Email marketing is an effective way to do this, and NextGen Media’s design and development team can create a bespoke, attractive email marketing campaign that will avoid customers’ spam folders!


If you’ve been selling online for any amount of time, you know how valuable email marketing can be, especially among existing customers. And you may also have pages set up on at least a couple of popular social networks, and you might have a blog. Once separate, these forms of marketing are converging in ways that can be very helpful to online merchants. The state of the art is pretty basic today, but buckle up because things are going to get even more interesting in the coming months.

Linking email with social media is conceptually interesting because it combines two different aspects: direct response and organic communities. Using email, we still tend to unilaterally communicate to an audience, while social media is about interactive discussion. Sure, as email marketers we listen to customers and target our campaigns but in the end we’re usually broadcasting or narrowcasting messages to specific audiences, rather than interactively communicating with customers like we do on Facebook or Twitter.