Pay Per Click Management

NextGen Media’s PPC Consultants offer Google Adwords pay-per-click management as an instant way to drive targeted traffic to your website. PPC marketing is the single best tool out there to get instant results and it gives instant feedback about your website.

When looking at your search results after entering a query on Google, Bing and Yahoo!, have you ever noticed the ‘sponsored links’ section above the organic results and down the side columns of the page? This is the world of pay per click, and if used properly, can vastly improve your ROI – whatever size your budget may be. Our expert PPC management team are all qualified Google AdWords Professionals (GAPs), Microsoft Bing adExcellence professionals and Google Analytics Authorised Consultants (GAACs). They also have an extensive amount of Yahoo! Search Marketing experience, and have helped clients of all sizes and industries to generate a better ROI over the course of their contract.

Utilising keyword analysis techniques including competitor analysis, we identify keywords that we believe will provide a good return on investment for your campaign. Going forward, results from Adwords campaigns also dictate the content of our ongoing SEO package as we uncover more and more keyword opportunities.

Landing page optimisation is another important element of the PPC process, as we ensure that not only are landing pages relevant to the ads used to promote them, but also that users remain on the site once they’ve arrived.